Alter Ego is a musical review from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s where the greatest hits of the pop, rock and disco repertoire parade relentlessly in the form of medleys.

Energy, music, dance and multiple costume changes take center stage in this colorful and exciting production. The strong point of this production lies in the personification of the artists who have marked these decades.

This extravagant show full of surprises is the pure essence of the chemistry transmitted by its 7 singers and 3 musicians who give themselves on stage to offer you a breathtaking performance!

Imitated with brio and success by the performers, the public will see appear on stage; Michael Jackson, Madonna, Cindy Lauper, Boy George, Billy Idol and Lady Gaga to name a few.

This 90-minute musical review is a reflection of those eccentric years: electrifying and unforgettable!

For several years now, Alter Ego has traveled the world at festivals, corporate events or more intimate evenings and leaves no one indifferent!

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