60's British Invasion Tribute

The Shagwells British Invasion tributejpg

80s Dance Rock

Groove Kitty_edited.jpg

Abba Tribute

Abba tribute.jpg

Beach Boys Tribute

California Surf/Beach Boys Tribute.jpg

 Rock Anthems Tribute

Rock Anthems.jpg

Bob Segar Tribute

Turn The Page_Bob Seger Tribute_edited.j

Billy Joel Tribute

Billy Nation_Billy Joel tribute_edited_e

Brooks and Dunn Tribute

Brooks and Dunn tribute.jpg

Cheap Trick Tribute

Cheap Tricked.jpg

Creedence/Fogerty Tribute

Fortunate Son tribute to Creedence Clearwater -Ultimate Entertainment._edited.jpg

Doors Tribute

Doors tribute - Lizard King_edited.jpg

Elton John Tribute

Elton tribute.jpg

Fleetwood Mac Tribute

Stevie Nicks Illusion_Fleetwood Mac trib

Foreigner Tribute

4NR tribute to Foreigner

Genesis Tribute

Genesis, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel tri

Gwen Stefani Tribute

Gwen Stefani Tribute_edited.jpg

Heart Tribute

Heart Tribute.jpg

Iron Maiden Tribute

Maiden United/Tribute to Iron Maiden/Ultimate Entertainment.jpg

Jimi Hendrix Tribute

Hendrix tribute.jpeg

Joe Cocker Tribute

Mad Dogs and The Englishman, Joe Cocke tribute.png

John Cougar Tribute

John Cougar tribute_edited.jpg

Journey Tribute

Journey tribute, Journey USA.jpg

Led Zeppelin USA 

Zeppelin USA_edited.jpg

Liza Minnelli & Judy Garland 

Liza Minnelli and Judy Garland tribute

Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute


McCartney Tribute

McCartney tribute_edited.jpg

Neil Diamond Tribute

Jason Lohrke As Early Neil Diamond 2017_edited.jpg

Oingo Boingo Tribute

Oingo Boingo tribute.jpg

Pat Benatar Tribute-CA

Pat Bentar tribute_edited_edited.jpg

Queen Tribute

Bohemian Queen, tribute to Queen

Rolling Stones, Zeppelin, Doors

Classic Rock Rebels.jpg

Spice Girls Tribute 

Spice Girls Tribute

Steely Dan Tribute

Pretzel Logic, Steely Dan Tribute.jpg

Styx, Foreigner & Journey

Trinity Logo.jpg

Tim McGraw Tribute

Tim McGraw Tribute_Ultimate Entertainment.webp

Tom Petty Tribute

Tom Petty tribute_edited_edited.jpg

The Who Tribute

The Who tribute.jpg

Van Halen Tribute

Fan Halen_Ultimate Entertainment

60's & 70's Pop & Rock Show

Kenny Hale's Pop and Rock show.webp

80s Rock Anthem Show 

80s Anthem Tribute.jpg

90's Country Tribute

90's country music tribute.jpg

Aerosmith Tribute

.Aeromyth tribute/ultimate entertainmentjpg

Beatles Tribute

Ticket To Ride

Black Crows Tribute

Smokin' Crowes, Black Crowes tribute.jpg

Bon Jovi/Journey

Bon Jovi and Journey tribute.png

British Rock Show

British Rock Royalty tribute.jpg

Bryan Adams Tribute

Cuts like a knife band_edited.jpg

Cars Tribute

Heartbeat City Cars tribute_edited.png

Chicago Tribute

Chicago tribute experience .jpg

Diana Ross/Supremes 

Diana Ross and Supremes tribute/Ultimate Entertainment .jpg

Eagles & Rondstadt Tribute

Eagles Rondstadt Experience _edited.jpg

Elvis Presley Tribute

Chance as Elvis Presley_edited.jpg

Fleetwood Mac Tribute

GYPSY DREAMS, Fleetwood Mac Tribute

Garth Brooks Tribute

Garth Brooks tribute.jpg

Gloria Estefan Tribute

Gloria Estefan LA Sound machine tribute_

Hall & Oates Tribute

Hall and Oates tribute, Hits On My List.jpg

Huey Lewis Tribute

Huey Lewis and The News tribute_edited.j

Jerry Lee Lewis Tribute

Great Balls Of Fire.jpeg

Jimmy Buffett/Alan Jackson 

tribute to Jimmy Buffet and Alan Jackson.jpg

Johnny/June Cash Tribute

Johnny Cash show.jpg

Journey Tribute

Journey tribute/Captured/Ultimate Entertainment.jpg

Like Zeppelin Tribute

Zeppelin tribute_edited.jpg

Lady GaGa tribute

Lady Gaga tribute_edited.jpg

Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute

SkynyrdandCo/ultimate entertainment