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60's British Invasion Tribute

The Shagwells, Legends of The British Invasion (2).jpg

80s Dance Rock

Groove Kitty_edited.jpg

Abba Tribute

Abba tribute.jpg

Beach Boys Tribute

California Surf/Beach Boys Tribute.jpg

 Rock Anthems Tribute

Rock Anthems.jpg

Bob Segar Tribute

Turn The Page_Bob Seger Tribute_edited.j

Billy Joel Tribute

Billy Nation_Billy Joel tribute_edited_e

Brooks and Dunn Tribute

Brooks and Dunn tribute.jpg

Cheap Trick Tribute

Cheap Tricked.jpg

Creedence/Fogerty Tribute

Fortunate Son tribute to Creedence Clearwater -Ultimate Entertainment._edited.jpg

Doors Tribute

Doors tribute - Lizard King_edited.jpg

Elton John Tribute

Elton tribute.jpg

Fleetwood Mac Tribute

Stevie Nicks Illusion_Fleetwood Mac trib

Foreigner Tribute

4NR tribute to Foreigner

Genesis Tribute

Genesis, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel tri

Gwen Stefani Tribute

Gwen Stefani Tribute_edited.jpg

Heart Tribute

Heart Tribute.jpg

Iron Maiden Tribute

Maiden United/Tribute to Iron Maiden/Ultimate Entertainment.jpg

Jimi Hendrix Tribute

Hendrix tribute.jpeg

Joe Cocker Tribute

Mad Dogs and The Englishman, Joe Cocke tribute.png

John Cougar Tribute

John Cougar tribute_edited.jpg

Journey Tribute

Journey tribute, Journey USA.jpg

Led Zeppelin USA 

Zeppelin USA_edited.jpg

Liza Minnelli & Judy Garland 

Liza Minnelli and Judy Garland tribute

Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute


McCartney Tribute

McCartney tribute_edited.jpg

Neil Diamond Tribute

Jason Lohrke As Early Neil Diamond 2017_edited.jpg

Oingo Boingo Tribute

Oingo Boingo tribute.jpg

Pat Benatar Tribute-CA

Pat Bentar tribute_edited_edited.jpg

Queen Tribute

Bohemian Queen, tribute to Queen

Rolling Stones, Zeppelin, Doors

Classic Rock Rebels.jpg

Spice Girls Tribute 

Spice Girls Tribute

Steely Dan Tribute/Pretzel Logic

Pretzel Logic, Steely Dan Tribute.jpg

Styx Tribute

Styx tribute band

Santana Tribute

Santana tribute/smooth sounds of santana/ultimateentertainment.jpg

Tina Turner Tribute

Tina Turner Tribute_edited_edited.jpg

Toto Tribute

Toto's Experience, Tribute to Toto_edite

U2 Tribute

U2Xperience- tribute to U2.jpg

Yacht Rock Tribute

yacht rock tribute.jpg

60's & 70's Pop & Rock Show

Kenny Hale's Pop and Rock show.webp

80s Rock Anthem Show 

80s Anthem Tribute.jpg

90's Country Tribute

90's country music tribute.jpg

Aerosmith Tribute

.Aeromyth tribute/ultimate entertainmentjpg

Beatles Tribute

Ticket To Ride

Black Crows Tribute

Smokin' Crowes, Black Crowes tribute.jpg

Bon Jovi/Journey

Bon Jovi and Journey tribute.png

British Rock Show

British Rock Royalty tribute.jpg

Bryan Adams Tribute

Cuts like a knife band_edited.jpg

Cars Tribute

Heartbeat City Cars tribute_edited.png

Chicago Tribute

Chicago tribute experience .jpg

Diana Ross/Supremes 

Diana Ross and Supremes tribute/Ultimate Entertainment .jpg

Eagles & Rondstadt Tribute

Eagles Rondstadt Experience _edited.jpg

Elvis Presley Tribute

Chance as Elvis Presley_edited.jpg

Fleetwood Mac Tribute

GYPSY DREAMS, Fleetwood Mac Tribute

Garth Brooks Tribute

Garth Brooks tribute.jpg

Gloria Estefan Tribute

Gloria Estefan LA Sound machine tribute_

Hall & Oates Tribute

Hall and Oates tribute, Hits On My List.jpg

Huey Lewis Tribute

Huey Lewis and The News tribute_edited.j

Jerry Lee Lewis Tribute

Great Balls Of Fire.jpeg

Jimmy Buffett/Alan Jackson 

tribute to Jimmy Buffet and Alan Jackson.jpg

Johnny/June Cash Tribute

Johnny Cash show.jpg

Journey Tribute

Journey tribute/Captured/Ultimate Entertainment.jpg

Like Zeppelin Tribute

Zeppelin tribute_edited.jpg

Lady GaGa tribute

Lady Gaga tribute_edited.jpg

Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute

SkynyrdandCo/ultimate entertainment

Madonna Tribute

Madonna tribute_edited.jpg