Based out of Phoenix, AZ, The Smokin’ Crowes - A Tribute To The Black Crowes,
labeled by Melody Maker as “The Most Rock N’ Roll Rock N’ Roll Band In the World”
and voted ‘The Best New American Band’ by Rolling Stones readers in 1990, six
dedicated musicians celebrate the high swagger, boogie, and bravado of the classic
vintage style rock and roll that is The Black Crowes. Re-creating a raucous cocktail of
bar-room blues and soulful nostalgic back-to-basics raw hard-rock, The Smokin’ Crowes
are their own beast, blasting out authentic rock in a way that is both traditional as well
as inspiring. From subtle to stun, The Smokin’ Crowes sound as good live as the album


Black Crowes tribute, Smokin Crowes