HEARTBEAT CITY was named for one of the Cars biggest albums, faithfully re-creates the look and sound of the Cars. They dress in the period correct 80's style of the Cars...and being accomplished musicians, their sound is amazingly close to the real thing! Seeing HEARTBEAT CITY is a close as you can come to seeing an 80's Cars Concert.  

The members of HEARTBEAT CITY have come together from a few different National level Tribute well as a few pretty famous 80's Recording Acts ..and Major Movie Soundtrack work. Members of the band have played shows with members of the real Cars...and the band was asked to record a song written by the Cars Bassist Ben Orr..before his untimely passing.... It was put on an album to benefit a rare childhood disease. The band collectively has a solid background in the music business.  

Because of the past history of HEARTBEAT CITY's can always expect to see a high quality professional show. LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL! 

Dog n Butterfly, tribute to Heart