Mighty Cash Cats - tribute to Johnny and June Cash

 “The Mighty Cash Cats’ are an excellent band. Rockers and rednecks, bikers and bankers, white wine and Jim Beam drinkers, country fans and punk rockers and whatever’s in between–this band is for you!. Michael J. sounds just like ‘The Man in Black,’ Leticia Blumette tears it up with that powerhouse room-filling voice.  She is the June to his Johnny, and when harmonizing with Michael, puts these Cats atop the Cash food chain. They are the best Johnny Cash tribute band.” VENTURE STAR.

The Mighty Cash Cats cover all six decades of the Man in Black’s career including fun Johnny and June duets like “Jackson.” “If you never had the chance to see Johnny Cash and June Carter perform live, then cheer up, the Mighty Cash Cats’ Michael J and Leticia are filling the void.” Will Phoenix, LA ExaminerThe Southern California based band has toured in the USA, including Las Vegas, Ireland, Europe, France, Asia, and Israel.

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