U2Xperience delivers a spectacular live recreation of a U2 concert with four veteran U2 tribute performers who collectively have played close to 1,000 tribute shows. Long-time U2 fans themselves, the members of U2Xperience are committed to recreating the most authentic, memorable U2 experience for you, your friends, guests, customers and employees. 
When U2 plays live, Bono, Edge, Larry, Adam, and a keyboard player offstage perform the entire show. Unlike many other tribute bands,The U2Xperience uses minimal backing tracks and the 4 players perform all of the music with minimal keyboard only backing tracks. This performance requires an incredible amount of musicianship, vocal ability, passion, spontaneity, interaction with the audience and mastery of modern technical tools. What you’ll see and hear is performed live, exactly like U2 would do it.

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